Travelin’ Rick in the Country

Hi kids! I sure hope you are enjoying the nice spring weather we are having. I know that I am. Summer is just around the corner, kids!

I live in Sharbot Lake, Ontario and in this adventure I wanted to share with you the beautiful scenery that this part of Ontario has to offer.

The first thing that I did, in early spring, was set some buckets out onto my many maple trees. I waited until my buckets were filled to the brim with the clear liquid called sap and then I boiled it over a roaring fire for many hours. The sap slowly turned into maple syrup. It sure tasted good on pancakes!

Later on in the spring, I saw the mallard ducks returning from the south as well as the Canadian geese and robins. What a welcome sight they were!

The best thing about spring, by far, was to see my old friend, the trillium. Just hundreds of pretty white and purple trilliums lined our roadsides and woodlots.

I sure hope that you boys and girls out there were lucky enough to enjoy the beautiful coming of spring. It is sure a pleasure to witness. Well, boys and girls, I’ve got to prepare for my next adventure. I’ll see you soon.

Moral of this Story:

  • We should enjoy our surroundings more.
  • Example: Travelin’ Rick loves spring in Ontario.
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