Summer Storm

It was a very hot and humid day in the middle of the summer. Slow-Poke was at the wading pool that was at the far edge of the farm he lived on in Calgary, Alberta with his mother. He was enjoying himself. The cool water felt good on his warm feathers. Slow-Poke and his mother […] Read More

Meet Fawn and Spot

Welcome to the Meet Fawn and Spot page. Fawn and Spot were once two real cows that I owned while living in Sharbot Lake, Ontario. Fawn was a tan coloured cow and Spot was a black and white coloured cow. I owned them when they were calves. I loved them because I was able to […] Read More

Autumn Leaves

Hey kids, please join me on my latest adventure. I want to see some autumn leaves. Travelin’ Rick grabbed his camera and a picnic lunch and headed out in his car. He headed north and travelled up from Kingston, Ontario to Sharbot Lake, Ontario which was about 45 minutes away. Once in Sharbot Lake, Travelin’ […] Read More

Travelin’ Rick in the Country

Hi kids! I sure hope you are enjoying the nice spring weather we are having. I know that I am. Summer is just around the corner, kids! I live in Sharbot Lake, Ontario and in this adventure I wanted to share with you the beautiful scenery that this part of Ontario has to offer. The first […] Read More