Fawn and Spot’s Easter

“Hey Fawn!” Spot yelled from her stall. “What are you doing?”

Fawn and Spot were two cows that lived on the Hansen farm in Mountain Grove, Ontario. Spot was a black and white coloured cow and Fawn was a tan coloured cow. Spot could see Fawn throwing his things around his stall.

“I’m cleaning up,” said Fawn.

“Cleaning up!” gasped Spot. “What on earth for!”

“Don’t you know what tomorrow is?” asked Fawn.

“Yeah, it’s Sunday,” said Spot. “What does that have to do with anything?”

“It’s not just any Sunday,” exclaimed Fawn. “Tomorrow is Easter Sunday.”

“Oh, so you think that by being good for one whole day of the year, the Easter Bunny will leave you some chocolates and candy,” said Spot as she clued into what Fawn was up to. “Yeah right!”

“Well, it’s worth a try, isn’t it?” cried Fawn.

“You would do anything just to have some junk food,” said Spot angrily. “Wouldn’t you?”

“And what’s wrong with that!” exclaimed Fawn. “I can’t help it if I don’t like hay or grain. That stuff is so boring!”

“Oh Fawn!” yelled Spot. “You’re a cow! You are supposed to eat hay and grain. You’re not supposed to eat junk food.”

“Tell that to Ricky and Jenny,” said Fawn. “They were the ones that started feeding me junk food!”

“You’re impossible, Fawn!” snapped Spot. “How dare you blame those two children! They saved your life, remember? When their father, Mr. Hansen, brought us home from the sale barn that day, two years ago, you were just about dead. We didn’t think that you were going to make it. Jenny and Ricky used to sneak down here to your stall with some left-overs from their dinner, a plate of cold fries and a glass of orange pop and they fed it to you. You gobbled it down and the next thing we knew, you were up and running around.”

“Is that how it was?” asked Fawn.

“You know it was!” snapped Spot, angrily.

Fawn went back to work cleaning up his stall. Later that day the Hansen children, Ricky and Jenny, came down to the barn. They washed their two animal friends and brushed them down. They tied a pretty pink ribbon around Spot’s neck and a handsome blue ribbon around Fawn’s neck.

“Now, what did they go and do that for?” Fawn asked Spot, after the children had gone back up to the house.

“I suppose they are getting us ready for Easter,” laughed Spot.

Fawn and Spot went to sleep early that night. The next morning they awoke at the crack of dawn. Spot found a fresh bucket of her favourite grain beside her and Fawn found a huge chocolate Easter egg and some jelly beans beside him.

“Happy Easter!” cried Fawn.

“Happy Easter!” cried Spot.

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