“S” is for Spring

“It is spring,” said Alphabet Allie to her friend, Scott. “I love spring. It is always warm and the sun is always shining. ‘S’ is for spring, sun and shining.”

“I love spring too,” said Scott. “I love the warm sunshine and the sweet scent of flowers. ‘S’ is for sunshine, sweet and scent.”

“I was getting sick of winter,” said Alphabet Allie. “’S’ is for sick.”

“Too much slush and sleet in the winter,” said Scott. ”’S’ is for slush and sleet.”

“I’d like to skip winter altogether,” said Alphabet Allie. “’S’ is for skip.”

“I feel a sprinkle,” said Scott. “It is starting to rain. ‘S’ is for sprinkle and starting.”

“We’d better get inside before the rain turns into a shower and we get soaked,” said Alphabet Allie. “‘S’ is for shower and soaked.”

“Good suggestion,” said Scott. “’S’ is for suggestion.”

Alphabet Allie and Scott got in out of the rain and no sooner did they got their shoes off, the rain stopped and they were able to go back outside. “’S’ is for sooner, shoes and stopped.”


Moral of this Story:

  • Spring is a great season!
  • Example: Alphabet Allie and Scott loved spring, even when it rains and storms.

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