Father’s Day Quiet Time

Daddy Parker was not feeling well. It was Father’s Day. His wife, Delores and his children, Jason, Annie and Jeremy were in the kitchen. They were preparing a special Father’s Day dinner.

“I am going for a nap,” said Daddy Parker. “I am not feeling well and I need some quiet time.”

Daddy Parker went upstairs to his bedroom. He laid down and while he could still hear laughter and giggling coming from the kitchen, it was a lot quieter. Soon, he dozed off and fell asleep.

“What is going on?” asked Daddy Parker, waking up about an hour later to a completely quiet house. ‘ ‘It is much too quiet.”

“The children are watching a movie in the basement,” said Delores. “I thought you wanted some quiet time.”

“I thought so too,” said Daddy Parker. “But, this house is sort of eerie when there is no noise.”

“That won’t last long,” laughed Delores.” The children will be up here in a few minutes. Their movie is almost over.”

“Good,” said Daddy Parker. “This house needs noise. I need noise.”

“It isn’t a family home if there is no noise,” laughed Delores.

“That is right,” said Daddy Parker.


Moral of this Story:

  • A house without a little bit of noise is not a family house.
  • Example: Daddy Parker wanted to have some quiet time but found it was a little too quiet.

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