Father’s Day Alone

“I am so disappointed,” said Daddy Parker.

“We are too,” said his wife, Delores. “This will be the first Father’s Day we spend apart.”

“I could try to cancel,” said Daddy Parker.

“I know this meeting is very important to you,” said Delores. “We will celebrate Father’s Day when you get home.”

“Alright,” said Daddy Parker. “I am off to the airport.”

“Have a safe flight,” said Delores, giving him a hug.

Daddy Parker didn’t like the idea of leaving his family on Father’s Day but it was a big meeting he was attending and this meeting could be a turning point in his career.

“So,” said Daddy Parker’s boss, Pete, at the beginning of the meeting. “I want everyone to introduce themselves. “We will start with you, Reggie Parker.”

“I have been in the construction industry my whole working life,” said Daddy Parker. “I have a wife and three children.”

“And I do hope they are here in the city with you,” said Pete. “It is Father’s Day weekend, after all.”

“Unfortunately money is a little tight,” said Daddy Parker.

“Well,” said Pete.” We are going to change that. What is your wife’s phone number?”

Daddy Parker gave him Delores’ number. Pete called her. He told her to pack her and the kids and get on the next plane to Ottawa and charge him for it.

“We can’t have our new construction foreman without his family on Father’s Day,” said Pete.

“Does that mean I am in charge of this new construction project?” asked Daddy Parker, just realizing what Pete had just said.

“Welcome to management,” said Pete, shaking Daddy Parker’s hand.

Daddy Parker and his family had the best Father’s Day ever. They spent the weekend in Ottawa with and Pete took them all out for dinner for Father’s Day.

Daddy Parker was thrilled about his new position. Delores and the children were very proud of him.


Moral of this Story:

  • Sometimes we have to spend special days alone.
  • Example: Daddy Parker thought he was going to be spending Father’s Day alone but his boss, Pete, had other plans.

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