Father’s Day Shopping

“What are we going to do?” asked 9 year old Jason. “I really wanted to get dad that toolbox he has been wanting for Father’s Day.”

“I know,” said his 6 year old sister, Annie. “Mother grounded us because we didn’t do our homework.”

“Well,” said Jason.” She grounded me for not doing my homework. She grounded you because your room was a mess.”

“Maybe if we were grounded because those things weren’t done and we showed Mother they are done,” said Annie. “Maybe she will unground us.”

“That is a good idea,” said Jason. “I just finished my homework. Is your room clean?”

“Yes,” said Annie. “I just finished it.”

Mother just happened to be walking down the hallway and saw Annie’s clean room.

“Is your homework done?” asked Mother to Jason.

“I just finished it,” said Jacob.

“Okay,” said Mother. “You are no longer grounded. Who wants to come to the mall with me?”

Jason and Annie were so happy that they were ungrounded. Truth be told, Mother didn’t like grounding them but she felt it was the only way they would do what they were supposed to do.

“We want to buy Daddy that toolbox he wants for Father’s Day,” said Jason.

“We brought our money with us,” said Annie.

“Okay,” said Mother. “Let’s go shopping for a toolbox.”

The children saw the toolbox Daddy had been looking at. They were lucky because the next model up was only a few more dollars. Mother pitched in to help them pay for it.

On Father’s Day morning, Daddy Parker was thrilled with his new toolbox.

“This is perfect,” said Daddy Parker. “love it!”

“Happy Father’s Day!” shouted the children.


Moral of this Story:

  • If you do all your chores when asked, chances are you won’t get grounded.
  • Example: Jason and Annie were grounded because they did not do their chores.

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