Bluey Bluebird’s Blueberry Spring

Bluey Bluebird sat on her favourite fence post just at the edge of the forest. It was a beautiful spring day. The sun was shining and there was a slight breeze.

“It is a beautiful spring day,” said Mrs. Chipmunk, as she scurried in front of the fence.

“It sure is,” said Bluey Bluebird.

“I just passed by a bushy area,” said Mrs. Chipmunk. “I smelled fresh blueberries.”

“Fresh blueberries,” said Bluey Bluebird. “My, they are early this year.”

“We did have a mild winter,” said Mrs. Chipmunk. “And we did have an early spring.”

“That is true,” said Bluey Bluebird.

“The blueberries reminded me of you,” said Mrs. Chipmunk.

Bluey Bluebird looked at Mrs. Chipmunk confused.

“Why do they remind you of me?” asked Bluey Bluebird. “Is it because I am blue and they are too?”

“Partly,” said Mrs. Chipmunk. “It is also because you are sweet, just like they are.”

“Thank you,” said Bluey Bluebird. “I think I would like to make a blueberry pie.”

“That would be so good,” said Mrs. Chipmunk.

Bluey Bluebird baked two blueberry pies. She kept one for herself and gave the other one to Mrs. Chipmunk.

“This is so good,” said Mrs. Chipmunk, enjoying the blueberry pie. “And, it was very sweet of you to share with me. See, you are sweet just like the blueberries.”


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to share.
  • Example: Bluey Bluebird made two blueberry pies and shared one with Mrs. Chipmunk.

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