Christopher Corn Corrects His Mistakes with Music

Christopher Corn was walking through the garden. It was a beautiful day. The sun glistened on his kernels of corn and there was a slight breeze flowing through his corn silk hair.

Christopher sat down on a bench. He thought he heard someone crying. He looked around the garden and he saw Olive Onion. She was sobbing her eyes out.

“Olive Onion,” said Christopher, wrapping his arm around her. “Why are you crying?”

“Onions always cry,” said Olive Onion, still sobbing.

Christopher was sad because Olive Onion was crying. Because of his sadness, he started thinking about his life on Earth. He knew he made mistakes and those mistakes cost him dearly. Christopher started crying.

“Why are you crying?” asked Olive Onion.

“I became sad when I saw you crying,” said Christopher. “I got thinking about my life on Earth, the mistakes I made and how those mistakes have cost me so much. I can’t correct those mistakes.”

“Yes,” said Olive Onion. “You can correct them.”

“But how?” asked Christopher. “My life on Earth is over.”

“You can correct them through your music,” said Olive Onion. “Music is a very powerful tool.”

“You are right,” said Christopher, after thinking about what Olive Onion had just said. “I can correct my mistakes through my music.”

Christopher stopped crying and he actually smiled.

“That is better,” said Olive Onion, who had stopped crying too.

“Let’s go make some music,” said Christopher, taking Olive Onion by the hand.

“Let’s” said Olive Onion, also smiling.


Moral of this Story:

  • You can correct mistakes you have made.
  • Example: Christopher Corn made a lot of mistakes but he learned he could correct them through his music.

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