Christopher Corn and his Passion for Music

“That is good,” said Christopher Corn to Calvin Carrot, who was setting up his drums on the opposite end of the stage. “That now gives Cameron Cauliflower more room for his new dance moves.”

“Yes,” said Cameron Cauliflower, looking at the newly designed stage. “This is much better.”

Cameron took Calvin by the hand and the two started dancing. Christopher joined in.

“This is much better,” said Christopher.

“Okay,” said Cameron. “The stage is perfect. I am going to go relax.”

“Relax,” said Christopher, rolling his eyes. “Sorry, I want to do the whole routine at least once more.”

“Music is important in our lives,” said Cameron. “However, it shouldn’t consume us.”

“I agree,” said Calvin Carrot. “There are other things we should be doing.”

“I don’t believe you two,” said Christopher.

“Isn’t there anything at all you would rather be doing?” asked Cameron.

“No,” said Christopher. “There is nothing that I would rather be doing. Music consumes me. Music is my life. Music is my passion.”

“We can see that,” said Calvin. “I have never seen anyone as passionate and devoted as you are.”

“How about you and Cameron take the night off,” said Christopher. “But I want you two back here first thing in the morning.”

“Sounds good,” said Calvin.

Christopher spent the rest of that evening working on his music. The next morning, Calvin and Cameron were well rested and ready to work.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is okay to be passionate about music despite what others think.
  • Example: Cameron Cauliflower and Calvin Carrot wanted to take a rest from music. Christopher Corn wanted to keep going.

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