Rainy Days in May

“Why is it raining again?” asked Poor Mountain Sister, looking out the living room window with her face peeled to the glass.

“Well,” said Poor Mountain Mother. “It is springtime.”

“I wish it would stop,” said Poor Mountain Sister. “Poor Mountain Brother and I can’t go outside to play.”

“Yes,” said Poor Mountain Mother. “I know, you two have been cooped up in here for the past four days.”

“Oh look,” said Poor Mountain Sister, still looking out the window. “There is a robin on the front lawn.”

Poor Mountain Mother took a look out the window. Sure enough there was a robin. It was gathering worms from the front lawn. A few seconds later, a second robin came along.

“Now there are two of them,” said Poor Mountain Sister, smiling. “At least it looks like they are enjoying the rain.”

“Yes,” said Poor Mountain Mother. “It certainly does and look how green our grass is getting now. It definitely needed the rain.”

“And look at the flowers,” said Poor Mountain Sister.

“Where are the flowers?” asked Poor Mountain Mother.

“Over there,” said Poor Mountain Sister, pointing toward the garden that Poor Mountain Mother worked so hard preparing last fall.

“Oh my!” exclaimed Poor Mountain Mother. “They actually did come up.”

“I guess they needed the rain too,” said Poor Mountain Sister.

“It sure looks that way,” said Poor Mountain Mother.

A few days went by and the rain finally stopped. Poor Mountain Mother knocked on Poor Mountain Sister’s bedroom door.

“Hey,” said Poor Mountain Mother. “The rain finally stopped. Don’t you want to go outside and play?”

“Not now,” said Poor Mountain Sister. “I don’t feel like it now.”

“Hmmmm,” said Poor Mountain Mother, closing the bedroom door and laughing to herself. “Children always seem to want what they can’t have.”


Moral of this Story:

  • Sometimes we want things that we can’t have.
  • Example: Poor Mountain Sister wanted to go outside but it was raining out. When the rain stopped, she no longer wanted to go outside.
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