Mother’s Day Surprise Concert

Dianne and Billy Troll were getting ready to leave for Billy’s concert in the Troll Town park. It was a beautiful Sunday in May. The sun was shining and the flowers were all in bloom. Dianne and Billy both thought that they were forgetting something but they just couldn’t put their finger on it, until the phone rang.

“Oh Billy,” said the familiar voice on the other end of the phone. “Your mother is going crazy here. When were you planning on calling her?”

Billy didn’t know what his father was talking about and was thinking that maybe his father was losing his mind a little. After all, his father was almost 60 years old.

“No,” thought Billy to himself. “Dad might be 60 years old however, I think that is still a bit young to be losing his mind.”

“Billy,” said his father on the other end of the phone. “Are you there? Please don’t hang up on me. Your mother is going to drive me crazy until she hears you say ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ to her.”

“Yes dad,” said Billy. “I’m still here. I have completely forgotten about Mother’s Day. Oh dear, how could I have forgotten such a thing.”

“It isn’t a big deal,” said Father. “Just hang up and call her and please do it soon.”

“I’ve got a better idea,” said Billy. “You and Mother come to my concert at the Troll Town park this afternoon.”

“Oh,” said Father. “Sure, she would love that. A surprise Mother’s Day concert. What a wonderful idea?”

“Yes,” said Billy. “Just make sure you get there this afternoon.”

“Okay son,” said Father. “We’ll be there and don’t worry, I won’t tell Mother that you forgot about Mother’s Day.”

“Thanks Dad,” said Billy, smiling to himself. “Now Dianne,” said Billy, once he had hung up the phone and found his wife cleaning the bedroom upstairs. “You’d better get your Mother on the phone and invite her to our Mother’s Day concert in the park today.”

“Mother’s Day!” gasped Dianne. “Oh dear, this is terrible. How could we have forgotten about it?”

“Let’s not worry about that right now,” said Billy. “We have a more pressing issue to deal with. We need to change the theme of the concert to Mother’s Day.”

“Okay Billy,” said Dianne. “I will take care of that. You go do your sound check and I’m going to work on the Mother’s Day theme.”

Dianne instantly thought of the Mother’s Day favourite flower, the daffodil. Daffodils are a brilliant yellow colour. They would actually go good with the backdrop for the bandshell that she had arranged for the concert already.

“Oh thank you, Daddy,” said Dianne, when she suddenly remembered that Billy had told her to call her parents and invite them to the concert.

Dianne spent the next hour calling florists all over Troll Town to get enough daffodils for every female that was going to show up at the concert. She was promised that the flowers would be arriving at the bandshell in an hour.

Dianne made her way to Troll Town park. She went to where the band shell was and saw that Billy was just wrapping up the sound check.

“Daffodils,” said Billy, when Dianne told him her plan. “What a wonderful idea?”

“Yes,” said Dianne. “We can give one to each Mother that comes through the gate.”

“Okay,” said Billy. “And while I was doing my sound check, I came up with a really nice Mother’s Day song.”

“Oh Billy!” exclaimed Dianne, hugging her husband. “This is going to be perfect.”

Billy’s Mother and Father and Dianne’s Mother and Father showed up for the concert right on time. They were each presented with a beautiful daffodil as was each Mother that came through the gates of Troll Town park. Billy sang his brand new Mother’s Day song and it was perfect. He had both Mother’s wiping tears from their cheeks.

“Oh Billy!” cried his Mother, after the concert. “What a beautiful Mother’s Day gift! And, here I thought you had forgotten all about Mother’s Day.”

“If only they knew the truth,” Billy laughed in Dianne’s ear afterwards. “If only they knew!”

Moral of this Story:

  • A forgotten important date isn’t always the end of the world.
  • Example: Billy Troll forgot all about Mother’s Day. However, he did make up for it without Mother finding out.
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