Mother’s Day for Dianne

“So how is my little man doing today?” Billy asked his three month old son, who was lying in his crib, wide awake. “We are going to let Mommy sleep in this morning. It is Mother’s Day.”

Billy took Baby Troll out of his crib and changed him and then he took him to the kitchen with him. Billy prepared Baby Troll his formula and poured some into his bottle. He held Baby Troll in his arms while he fed him.

“You and Mommy mean the world to me,” Billy sang to Baby Troll. “You give me life and hope, just like the sun does to a tree.”

Baby Troll cooed as Billy sang. He loved to hear his father sing. It soothed him. Billy continued singing and the more he sang the happier Baby Troll was.

“We are going to make Mommy breakfast in bed this morning,” said Billy.

Billy prepared scrambled eggs, bacon, toast and a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. He was just on his way up the stairs with the food tray in one arm and Baby Troll in the other, when Dianne came down the stairs.

“Oh dear,” said Dianne, taking Baby Troll from Billy. “What have you two been up to this morning?

“Come on,” said Billy, coaxing Dianne back up the stairs. “Back to bed you go.”

“But what about Baby Troll?” asked Dianne. “I have to feed him.”

“Already done,” said Billy.

“But I have to change him,” said Dianne.

“Already done,” said Billy.

Dianne had no other options but to turn around and go back to bed. Dianne enjoyed her breakfast very much, while Billy sat at the end of the bed singing his new song to Dianne and Baby Troll played around on the bed beside Dianne.

“Gee,” said Dianne. “This is really nice. What more could a mother ask for? Her two favourite boys, breakfast in bed and a brand new Billy Troll hit song.”

“You think so,” said Billy.

“Oh definitely,” said Dianne. “I love it!”

“Well this one is not for just anyone,” said Billy. “This song I am writing just for you.”

Tears sprang to Dianne’s eyes.

“Oh Billy!” cried Dianne. “It is no wonder that I love you so much!”

Baby Troll cooed at his parents, who both looked at him and started laughing.

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