Sisterly Love

Chester Chipmunk had been in self-isolation for two weeks because he was showing signs of the flu. He was very happy that he didn’t have that nasty coryvirus that had been going around Storyland.

“I am feeling better today,” said Chester Chipmunk, looking out the window and seeing what a beautiful spring day it was. “I should take some supplies over to my sister, Suzie. She is out of hand sanitizer and I have lots.”

Chester Chipmunk knocked on Suzie’s door. He could hear her arguing with someone.

“Get away from me you slimy creature,” Suzie yelled. “I want no part of you.”

Chester Chipmunk knew immediately who Suzie was yelling at. It was Cory Virus, the slimy green creature that has been going around Storyland, spreading that nasty coryvirus around in hopes of infecting some of the Storyland characters.

Chester Chipmunk knew he had to save his sister.

“There is no way Cory Virus is going to make Suzie sick,” said Chester Chipmunk.

Chester Chipmunk opened Suzie’s door and he saw Cory Virus standing in the kitchen.

“Keep your distance,” said Chester Chipmunk to Suzie. “Remember social distancing.”

Chester Chipmunk poured some hand sanitizer into his hands and passed the bottle to Suzie, motioning for her to do the same.

“Hand sanitizer alone won’t get rid of me,” said Cory Virus, grinning as he slobbered all over himself.

“No but this will though,” said Chester Chipmunk, raising his left foot up and kicking Cory Virus right in the butt.

Chester Chipmunk and Suzie watched as Cory Virus started crying and then held onto his sore butt while getting out of Suzie’s house as fast as he could go.

“Good riddance,” said Chester Chipmunk.

“Agreed,” said Suzie. “I would give you a hug for saving me from that vile creature but I know we have to practise social distancing.”

“Yes,” said Chester Chipmunk. “You are right. I just finished my self-isolation and I don’t want to have to do it again.”

“That is right,” said Suzie, laughing. “Now, get out of my house before I kick your butt.”

“Okay,” said Chester Chipmunk, smiling at his sister. “I love you sis.”

Chester Chipmunk walked back home and was proud of himself for helping his sister.


Moral of this Story:

  • We need to kick the coronavirus in the butt.
  • Example: Chester Chipmunk was proud of himself for kicking Cory Virus in the butt to prevent his sister, Suzie from getting the nasty virus.

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