A Blue Bugs Day

The Blue Bugs were outside on a warm spring day. They were looking for items that had been discarded. The Blue Bugs were a very special type of bug and only native to Storyland. They have the ability to turn discarded items into mulch. They would then take the mulch and put it around their home to make it look beautiful.

“Look,” said Daddy Blue Bug, as they rounded a corner. “There is a crowd of people ahead. Maybe there are some discarded items there.”

The Blue Bugs went over to the crowd of people and they saw what they were looking at. There were a ton of discarded items.

The crowd stood there arguing about how the items got there. Not one of them actually did anything about it. The Blue Bugs walked right through the crowd and they did what they did best. They chewed up the discarded items and turned them into mulch.

“Look what these bugs have done,” said Mrs. Jones, one of the people in the crowd.

“They turned that pile of trash into mulch,” said Mr. Smith, another person that was in the crowd. “All while we stood around and argued about it.”

Mrs. Jones and Mr. Smith felt bad about their actions, or lack of. They watched the Blue Bugs carry the mulch back to their home.

“That is a lot of mulch they made,” said Mr. Smith. “‘The least we can do is help them.”

Mr. Smith got his wheelbarrow and he and Mrs. Jones loaded it with mulch. They wheeled it to where the Blue Bugs had their nest. The Blue Bugs were very appreciative of what Mrs. Jones and Mr. Smith did, so they told them they could have the rest of the mulch.

“What kind and considerate creatures they are!” exclaimed Mrs. Jones.

“We should be taking lessons from them,” said Mr. Smith.

“I agree,” said Mrs. Jones.


Moral of this Story:

  • We could take lessons from other creatures.
  • Example: The Blue Bugs set an example for Mrs. Jones and Mr. Smith by turning trash into mulch.

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