Blue Bugs

“Spring is finally here,” said Daddy Blue Bug, coming into his home after being outside. “Come on Mommy and babies. We have lots of work to do.”

The Blue Bugs went outside. The spring sunshine felt nice on their steel blue coloured skin. They saw sprouts of grass sprouting up through the cool earth. Then, they saw mounds and mounds of litter. Most everyone in Storyland would shudder at the pile of litter, in disgust. Not the Blue Bugs. They love litter. They go around collecting all the litter they can. They then turn that litter into mulch.

“We will have lots and lots of mulch,” said Mommy Blue Bug. “Think of how beautiful our home will look. We will be able to plant lots of beautiful flowers.”

“Yes,” said Daddy Blue Bug. “Let’s go gather up that litter.”

The Blue Bugs gathered up lots of discarded cardboard boxes, paper cups, paper and plastic bags and straws. They took each item and chewed it up with their two very sharp front teeth. Once it was all chewed up, they let it soak in the sun. After a week or so they had piles and piles of mulch. They spread the mulch around by kicking it with their hind legs.

“We have all the mulch spread out,” said Daddy Blue Bug.

“Now I can plant our flowers,” said Mommy Blue Bug. “Our home will look so beautiful.”

“You know,” said Daddy Blue Bug, thinking. “It is funny how we can turn all that ugly litter and make something beautiful out of it.”

“Yes,” said Mommy Blue Bug. “You are right. Well, now that we have all that done, we need to clean up our home.”

“Let’s get to work,” said Daddy Blue Bug.


Moral of this Story:

  • Sometimes things of beauty can be made from ugliness.
  • Example: Blue Bugs made mulch out of litter and then planted beautiful flowers.

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