Pretty Bluebirds

Racum Raccoon was taking a walk through the Big Dark Forest on a spring afternoon, after school. It was a warm afternoon. The sun was shining brightly, the sky was clear blue and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.

As he was walking, he heard a beautiful sound. He heard some birds singing.

“They sound like bluebirds,” said Racum to himself, looking around him to see if he could see them.

Racum spotted the bluebirds sitting on a fence. There were six of them.

“They are bluebirds,” said Racum, walking closer to where they were. “I love bluebirds. They sound so beautiful. They are also the prettiest little birds. I love the colour of them.”

Racum got fairly close to them. He stood and listened to them singing. He couldn’t believe how pretty they sounded. It was starting to get dark but Racum didn’t realize it. He was enjoying listening to the bluebirds. Soon, Racum felt a paw on his shoulder. He turned around to see his father standing there.

“Son,” said Father. “What are you doing out here? Do you not realize it is dark out? Your mother is worried sick.”

“Oh dear,” said Racum. “I didn’t realize how late it is. I was listening to the bluebirds sing.”

“Who are the bluebirds?” asked Father. “Are they some new rock band I haven’t heard of?”

No Father,” said Racum, laughing. “They are real live bluebirds. Their singing is like heaven and they are so beautiful.”

“Maybe they should be in a rock band,” said Father. “Anyway, where are these bluebirds? I would like to see them myself?”

“They were sitting on that fence,” said Racum, pointing to where the bluebirds were a few minutes ago. “I guess they left.”

“Well,” said Father. “Let’s get home. Your mother has supper ready.”

The next day, Racum saw the bluebirds again. He stopped again to listen to them. Again, he didn’t realize it was dark out.

“Oh dear,” said Racum’s father. “You didn’t realize it was dark out again.”

“No Father,” said Racum. “I didn’t.”

“I see,” said Father. “And I suppose you were listening to those bluebirds again.”

“Yes Father,” said Racum. “I was.”

“Where are they this time?” asked Father, looking around and not seeing them again.

“They were right there,” said Racum, pointing to the fence again, where the bluebirds just were.

“I think you should take a picture of them,” said Father. “Maybe I will get to see them then.”

“That is a good idea,” said Racum.

“Let’s get home so we can eat,” said Father.

The next day, Racum took his video camera into the Big Dark Forest and he was able to record the bluebirds. Once he got home, he played the video for his parents.

“Now,” said Father. “I can see why you couldn’t pull yourself away from them. They are beautiful.”

“They certainly are,” said Mother.

Moral of this Story:

  • Sometimes you just have to stop and enjoy nature.
  • Example: For three days in a row, Racum Raccoon stopped to listen to the bluebirds.
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