Bobby the Butcher Closes the Butcher Shop for Mother’s Day

“Mother’s Day is coming up,” said Bobby the Butcher as he looked at the calendar. “I want to do something nice for Mother. She has been so wonderful to me, putting in extra hours at the butcher shop since I fired Aunt Jessica.”

Bobby wanted to take Mother away to the mountains for the weekend. Mother loved the mountains and it has been awhile since she had been there.

“I can rent a cabin for the weekend,” said Bobby, planning the weekend in his mind. “I can take Mother out for dinner and cook her breakfast for her. She would love it.”

Bobby was just about going to call to make a reservation for a cabin but then reality set in.

“What am I thinking?” Bobby asked to himself. “I can’t leave. I have to work.”

Being the owner of a busy butcher shop did have its disadvantages when it came to wanting to take the weekend off. Bobby and his mother were the only employees.

“Maybe I should hire someone part-time,” said Bobby. “Problem is, I wouldn’t have time to train them.”

Just then, Bobby had a visitor come into the butcher shop. It was his Aunt Jessica.

“Hello Bobby,” said Aunt Jessica.

“Hi,” said Bobby. “What brings you here?”

“I just wanted to say hello and see how you are doing,” said Aunt Jessica.

“Things here are good,” said Bobby. “We have been very busy.”

“That is good, “said Aunt Jessica.

“I could always hire Aunt Jessica back,” said Bobby to himself. “She knows how to run this place. I wouldn’t have to train her.”

Bobby was just going to ask Aunt Jessica if she would like to work for him again, but then Aunt Jessica’s husband, Desmond, walked into the shop.

“So,” said Desmond. “You look swamped. How about hiring me?”

“Is this the reason you came here?” Bobby asked Aunt Jessica. “You want me to hire Desmond. Sorry, but that isn’t going to happen. Now, the both of you can leave.”

Bobby had every right to throw Desmond out of the shop. Desmond is a warlock and he has caused a lot of grief over the years.

Aunt Jessica and Desmond left. Bobby was glad that he didn’t hire Aunt Jessica back. He would never be able to trust Aunt Jessica or Desmond.

“I think I will just close the shop over the Mother’s Day weekend,” thought Bobby to himself.

Bobby got on the phone and made the reservation for the cabin. He and mother had a very stress-free and relaxing weekend. They enjoyed their weekend away very much.

“That was a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend, “said Mother. “Thank you very much.”

“We will have to do that more often,” said Bobby. “It was nice to just close up shop and get away.”

“I agree,” said Mother.


Moral of this Story:

  • Sometimes you have to take time from a business and spend time with your family.
  • Example: Bobby the Butcher took his mother away for Mother’s Day weekend.
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