Mrs. Robin and the Skunk

“It is a beautiful spring morning,” thought Mrs. Robin to herself as she just finished feeding her three babies their breakfast.

Mrs. Robin began cleaning out her nest when, all of a sudden, a terrible smell filled the air.

“That smell is coming from a skunk!” exclaimed Mrs. Robin, holding her one wing over her nose and wrapping her babies noses under the other wing.

Mrs. Robin’s first concern was for the safety of her babies. She knew they would be alright in the nest because the nest was built near the top of a very tall balsam poplar tree. A skunk would not attempt to climb a tree that tall. Also, the babies were too young yet to leave the nest.

Knowing that her babies were safe gave her a peace of mind. However, there were a few other things that she was concerned about. She was concerned about getting sprayed by the skunk herself because she would need to gather food on the ground for her babies.

“I know what I will do,” said Mrs. Robin. “I will wait until I see the skunk walk by before leaving the nest.”

The next morning, Mrs. Robin waited for the skunk to walk by and when she saw the skunk disappear over a big hill, Mrs. Robin knew she was safe. She flew down to the ground and quickly gathered up as many worms as she could for her babies.

Mrs. Robin was able to steer clear of the skunk because she was very careful to make sure it was out of the way.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is best to steer clear of trouble.
  • Example: Mrs. Robin was able to steer clear of the skunk.
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