Mrs. Robin and the Rain

“Good morning babies,” said Mrs. Robin, seeing all three of her babies sitting in the nest on a cloudy spring morning. “It is going to rain today so, I brought extra worms for the three of you to eat. That is why I am late getting home this morning.”

As soon as Mrs. Robin fed the babies their breakfast, she immediately cleaned out the nest. She was very worried because she knew it was going to rain very soon and she knew it was up to her to protect her babies, keep them fed, keep them safe and keep them warm.

“I just hope it doesn’t rain too hard or for too long,” said Mrs. Robin.

Just as Mrs. Robin finished cleaning the nest, it started to rain. The rain was light and warm at first. Then it poured and it became colder.

Mrs. Robin stood in the middle of the nest. She spread her wings out as far as she could. She had her three babies all tucked in under her wings and her stomach. She was drenched on the outside but she knew her babies were dry and that is all she cared about.

A few hours passed by and Mrs. Robin noticed the sun was shining. She stood up, shook the water off herself, made sure her babies were alright and flew down to get some worms for them.

“It feels so good to dry off and stretch my wings,” said Mrs. Robin.

Mrs. Robin fed the babies and cleaned out the nest yet again. The babies were happy because they were fed and they were able to stretch out their little wings. They enjoyed the warm sunshine.


Moral of this Story:

  • Always make sure our loved ones are taken care of.
  • Example: Mrs. Robin makes sure her babies are fed, dry and safe.
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