It Will Rain

”Troll Mother,” said Troll Sister, coming into the kitchen, with a garden hoe in her hand. “I just planted the rosebush that Troll Grandpa gave to me.”

”Well that’s very nice dear,” said Troll Mother, wiping her wet hands on her apron. ”Troll Grandpa will be very proud of you.”

”I am very worried about it, though,” said Troll Sister. ”It is so dry outside. When is it going to rain? All the grass is dying and everything is all drying up.”

”I know,” said Troll Mother. ”This spring has been the driest spring ever in Troll Town’s history, although, the weatherman said it is supposed to rain this afternoon.”

“lt doesn’t look like rain,” said Troll Sister. “The sun is shining and it is nice and warm outside.”

”I bet it will rain,” said Troll Brother, coming into the kitchen, with his fishing gear in his hands. “Troll Daddy and I are going fishing today. Troll Daddy said we won’t be going if it rains.”

“Come to think of it,” said Troll Mother. “It will rain this afternoon. I have to do the laundry and I was hoping to hang the clothes outside on the clothes line.”

”Well, I sure hope you are right,” said Troll Sister. ”I don’t want Troll Grandpa’s rosebush to die.”

Just then, the telephone rang.

”Hello, Troll Grandpa,” said Troll Sister into the receiver. ”I just planted the rosebush outside, and it looks beautiful. Now, if it would only rain.”

”Take a look outside, right now,” said Troll Grandpa.

Troll Sister jumped for joy when she saw raindrops hitting the kitchen window.

”Now the rosebush is going to be alright,” said Troll Sister to Troll Grandpa.

”Yes, dear,” said Troll Grandpa. ”It sure will.”

”Well,” said Troll Brother. ”I am going to take my fishing gear off and put it away.”


Moral of this Story:

  • We never know what the weather will do.
  • Example: The Troll family did not think it was going to rain but, it did.

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