“Slow-Poke,” said Mother Duck. “You have to put your scarf and hat on. It is pretty cold outside still.”

“Oh!” exclaimed Slow-Poke. “Do I have to? I thought it was springtime.”

“You already know the answer to that one,” said Mother Duck.

Slow-Poke stomped his webbed feet up the stairs and grabbed his scarf and his hat.

“There now,” said Mother. “That’s a good boy.”

Slow-Poke went outside. He was sure it was warm outside. His Mother did say it was cold though.

Slow-Poke heard noises coming from toward the park. He found his friend, Freddy Goose, standing by a tall oak tree.

“Hi Freddy,” said Slow-Poke.

“Slow-Poke,” laughed Freddy. “Why do you have your scarf and hat on?”

“Mother said it was still cold,” said Slow-Poke.

“It’s not that cold,” said Freddy. “Why don’t you take them off?”

“No,” said Slow-Poke. “I’ll leave it on.”

“Okay,” said Freddy. “Suit yourself.”

Freddy and Slow-Poke played outside for a long time. All of a sudden, Freddy became ill.

“Gee,” said Freddy, the next day, all bundled up. “Now I can see why your Mother makes you wear your hat and scarf still.”

Moral of this Story:

  • Always dress correctly for the weather.
  • Example: Slow-Poke didn’t want to wear his scarf and hat but his mother told him to. His friend, Freddy Goose, didn’t wear his and he ended up getting sick.
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