Pesky Porcupine

“I can’t get down out of this tree!” exclaimed Pesky Porcupine.
“Pesky,” said Fred Bunny, looking up into the pine tree at his friend. “Why not?”
“I’m scared,” said Pesky.
“But what are you so scared about?” asked Fred Bunny. “Porcupines are not supposed to be scared of anything.”
“Just because I am a porcupine,” said Pesky. “Doesn’t mean that I’m not afraid of things.”
“Maybe,” said Fred. “But look at all the quills you have.”
“What’s that got to do with anything?” asked Pesky.
“Well you have quills that can be used as a defense against predators,” said Fred.
“Yes, that is true,” said Pesky.
“I have nothing that I can use as a defense,” said Fred.
“Yes you do,” said Pesky. “You can use your speed as a defense. I’ve seen how fast you can run.”
“I guess that is true,” said Fred.
“Well, I’m still scared.” said Pesky, stretching out his two front paws on either side of him.
“What happened?” asked Pesky, shaking himself from off the ground.
“Hey,” said Fred, pulling one of Pesky’s quills from out of his fur. “You’d better be careful where you are shaking. You just shook your quill into my fur.”
“Oh sorry,” said Pesky. “I didn’t mean it.”
“You fell out of the tree,” said Fred.
“Oh now, isn’t that funny,” said Pesky. “That was what I was afraid of.”
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