The Year Easter was Forgotten

In a small village in East Germany, a family, who was very poor, lived in a little hamlet. The father worked in a factory in the city and the mother did some sewing and baking to raise extra money to be able to afford to buy sugar and spices for her family. The little daughter, Letica, went to school in the little village.

“What are you going to do for Easter?” asked one of Letica’s friends, Allison, one day after school.

“We aren’t going to have Easter this year,” said Letica.

“You aren’t!” exclaimed Allison.

“No,” said Letica. “We aren’t.”

“Is it because your family is so poor?” asked Allison.

“Kind of,” said Letica. “You see, both Mommy and Daddy got sick earlier this month. They both lost time from their jobs and we just have no extra money right now.”

“Oh,” said Allison. “That must be really tough for you.”

“Well,” said Letica. “I told my parents not to have an Easter this year. I told them that all I want for Easter is for them to be healthy and that pretty little Easter dresses and chocolate rabbits do not matter.”

“You are very special,” said Allison. “I would never have told my parents something like that.”

“Well,” said Letica. “I would miss my parents very much if something were to happen to them.”

“Yes,” said Allison. “I would too.”

That Easter morning, Letica’s Mother called Letica downstairs.

“Happy Easter,” said Mother, smiling, holding something behind her back.

“Mother,” said Letica, her eyes bugging out of her head, as she saw the Easter dress her mother was holding. “I told you and Daddy I didn’t want Easter. I just wanted you two to get better.”

“Well,” said Mother. “Daddy and I had a little fund all put away for something special, before we got sick. We both knew exactly who we were going to spend it on the day you came and told us about how you didn’t want Easter and how you only cared about our health. Letica, both your Daddy and I are very proud of you.”

“Yes,” said Daddy, coming into the kitchen. “We love you very much and you are so kind and so considerate. Happy Easter, dear.”

Daddy pulled a small chocolate rabbit out of his pocket for Letica.

“Well,” said Allison, at school, after the Easter holiday. “I guess that you didn’t have a very good Easter.”

“Actually,” said Letica, smiling. “I had the best Easter of all.”

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