Jayden and the Spring Spider

Jayden was very happy. It was a beautiful spring day and she was able to spend the day in her garden.

“My!” exclaimed Jayden. “My garden is doing very well this spring. I have so many colourful flowers growing.”

Jayden kneeled down and started weeding the garden.

She saw a spider along the back wall. The spider saw Jayden and started to run away.

“Why are you running away?” asked Jayden.

“I thought you were going to hurt me,” said the spider.

“I wouldn’t hurt you,” said Jayden.

“0h,” said the spider, smiling. “I am so glad about that. Everyone that sees me always wants to hurt me.”

“Well,” said Jayden. “I do know that some people are afraid of spiders and that may be the reason they try to hurt you.”

“I suppose,” said the spider. “How come you wouldn’t hurt me?”

“You are actually good for my garden,” explained Jayden. “You help keep the bad bugs away.”

“I suppose that is true,” said the spider. “I feel important now.”

“Good,” said Jayden. “I am glad. Everyone should feel important.”

“I agree,” said the spider.” It is a good feeling.”


Moral of this Story:

  • Everyone should feel important.
  • Example: Jayden told the spider he was important because he kept the bad bugs out of her garden.
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