End of Spring

Little Crow was helping Grandma. She was ill and he was helping her around the house.

“Do you mind washing the dishes?” asked Grandma.

‘”I can do that,” said Little Crow.

While Little Crow was washing the dishes, Cousin Jake came to visit.

‘”Why are you wasting Grandma’s dishes?” asked Cousin Jake.

“Grandma is not feeling well,” said Little Crow. ‘”She asked me to do them. I have been helping her.”

“You aren’t doing a very good job of helping her,” said Cousin Jake.

“What are you talking about?” asked Little Crow. “I have done everything she has asked me to do.”

“Grandma wants all the yard work done by the end of spring,” said Cousin Jake.

“The end of spring is only a day away,” said Little Crow.

“Then you’d better get with it,” said Cousin Jake.

Cousin Jake flew away. Little Crow quickly finished the dishes and went outside. He started cleaning up the yard. He worked as quickly as he could but there was a lot still left to do when he noticed Grandma was in the kitchen making herself a cup of tea.

“I am sorry Grandma,” said Little Crow, going into the kitchen. ”I know you wanted the yard work done by the end of spring, but there is just so much of it to do.”

“Who told you that?” asked Grandma. ”Oh wait! It must have been Jake. Wait until I see him again. The yard work was part of his punishment and he had until the end of summer to finish it.”

“He is such a bully!” shouted Little Crow. 

Yes,” said Grandma. “That he is.”


Moral of this Story:

  • It isn’t nice to try to get someone else to do your chores for you.
  • Example: Cousin Jake got Little Crow to do his chores for him by tricking him.

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