A Colourful Spring

“I feel so drab,” said Mommy Gum Drop. “This wet and damp spring is not helping at all.”

“No,” said Daddy Gum Drop. “I feel the same way.”

“Why don’t we get all dressed up in pastel colours?” asked Mommy Gum Drop. “That should help lift our spirits.”

“That is a wonderful idea!” exclaimed Daddy Gum Drop.

Mommy and Daddy got dressed up in some old pastel coloured clothing Mommy had found.

“What are you two doing?” asked Uncle Sour, coming into the room and seeing Mommy and Daddy Gum Drop all dressed up in pastel coloured clothing.

‘”We are trying to break up the drabness of spring,” said Mommy Gum Drop, twirling around in a pastel coloured dress.

“What nonsense!” shouted Uncle Sour. “It will never work!”

“Oh but you are mistaken,” said Mommy. “It is working.”

“Yes,” said Daddy. “It is. I know I feel much better.”

“It has lifted my spirits,” said Mommy. “Try it!”

Uncle Sour saw a pastel coloured shirt and hat. He put them on. Even he had to admit that he didn’t feel so drab.


Moral of this Story:

  • Colours can lift a drab mood.
  • Example: Mommy and Daddy Gum Drop dressed in pastel coloured clothing and it helped lift their drab mood.

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