Spring Travels

The sun was shining through Ant’s  bedroom window. It was a beautiful warm spring day. Ant got out of bed, took his leaf and decided he wanted to do some spring traveling.

Ant walked out of his house and across the street. He was very careful to watch for traffic before crossing the street.

Once he was across the street, Ant saw a park. He decided he would take a walk through the park. There were a lot of people walking through the park, so Ant had to be careful that he didn’t get stepped on.

Standing in the park, Ant took a good look around him. He saw tall green grass, trees full of leaves, the prettiest flowers and lots of small animals and birds.

Ant noticed that in the park, he was just a tiny speck of the great vastness that surrounded him. He became scared. He knew it was okay to be scared. There were a lot of things in the park he could be scared about because he was such a small creature.

“I think my spring travel days are over,” said Ant.

Ant took his leaf and he went home. He felt safe at home and he was happy.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is okay to feel scared if you are in a strange place.
  • Example: Ant was scared because he was so tiny in a great vastness.

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