Sunshine for Springman

It is spring in Kenora, Ontario. Springman was very happy. It meant he could finally go outside and play.

“And where do you think you are going?” asked Mother, seeing Springman open the door to go outside.

“I am going outside to play,” said Springman. “Spring is finally here!”

“It is spring,” said Mother. “However, with spring, comes rain. We are getting a ton of rain right now. Unfortunately, you cannot go outside.”

“I just looked out the window,” said Springman. “The sun was shining.”

“Look again,” said Mother.

Springman opened the door and Mother was right. It was pouring rain.

“I’ll never get to go outside,” said Springman, clearly disappointed.

“I know you are frustrated,” said Mother.

“Other children can go outside and play in the rain,” said Springman.

“You aren’t other children,” said Mother. “You and your brother are made from springs. Springs rust when they get wet.”

“True,” said Springman, knowing he had lost that battle.

“How about some ice-cream?” asked Mother. “That should cheer you up.”

“Okay,” said Springman.

The rain lasted a few more days. The sun did finally come out. Springman was finally able to go outside and play. He was so happy. He wanted to share his happiness with his baby brother.

“Baby Spring should enjoy the sunshine too,” said Springman.

“I agree,” said Mother, taking Baby Spring and a blanket outdoors with Springman.


Moral of this Story:

  • Enjoy sunny spring days while you can.
  • Example: Springman knew it was spring and thought he could go outside and play. However, he wasn’t allowed to because it was pouring rain outside.

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