Spring Butterfly

“Do you have everything you need?” Spring Butterfly asked her elderly mother. “I will be gone for a few days.”

“Yes,” said Mother. “You have provided me with everything I could possibly need. Have a safe journey and cherish those sips of water from the Atlantic Ocean.”

“I will,” said Spring Butterfly, waving her beautiful pink coloured wings. “I wish you could come with me.”

“I do too,” said Mother. “However, we both know I am much too ill to be making such a journey.”

“I will see you in a few days,” said Spring Butterfly.

Spring Butterfly travelled to the east coast of Canada to the Atlantic Ocean. The only water she likes to sip is the water from the ocean.

“There is that beautiful butterfly,” Spring Butterfly heard people say when they saw her fly by them. “She flies all the way to the Atlantic Ocean, just for a sip of water. That I don’t get. Why doesn’t she just move closer to the ocean?”

Spring Butterfly ignored those comments and continued on her journey.

“People just don’t understand,” said Spring Butterfly to herself. “I am not going to abandon my mother.”

Spring Butterfly kept going. Every place she flew over, people would talk about her and the choices she made.

“It is my life,” said Spring Butterfly to herself. “I am not hurting anyone so, I am going to continue on.”

Spring Butterfly returned home from her journey to the Atlantic Ocean. She had a special treat for her mother. On the very tip of her wing she brought her mother a drop of water from the Atlantic Ocean.

“Thank you for the delicious treat,” said Mother. “I now understand why you love it so much!”


Moral of this Story:

  • It is always nice to bring someone you love a treat.
  • Example: Spring Butterfly carefully brought her mother a drop of water from the Atlantic Ocean.

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