Playing with Butterflies

One bright spring day, there was a little orange, black and white kitten playing in some tall green grass. The kitten was enjoying itself immensely. He would go around in circles, chasing his tail. He would swat at dew drops on the blades of grass and when one would hit his nose, he would shake his head and meow.

The kitten noticed a butterfly and it seemed the butterfly was teasing him. It would fly right in front of the kitten’s nose and it would quickly fly away, only to come back a few minutes later, to do it all over again.

The kitten was enjoying the game the butterfly was playing. He would jump up at it and swat at it with his tiny paws. He would meow at the butterfly when it flew away, telling it to come back and play. The butterfly eventually flew away and the kitten was very sad.

A few minutes passed and the kitten saw the most beautiful butterfly he had ever seen. It was Spring Butterfly. She was a beautiful pink colour and had black accents.

“You are the prettiest butterfly I had ever seen,” said the kitten, as Spring Butterfly flew past his nose.

“Why thank you!” exclaimed Spring Butterfly. “That was very nice of you to say. I saw you playing with that other butterfly. I suppose you want me to play with you too.”

“No,” said Spring Butterfly to the kitten. “If you don’t mind, I would love to just sit here and watch you fly around.”

“That would be wonderful,” said Spring Butterfly.

Spring Butterfly did a few loops in the air, just for the kitten’s benefit. The kitten loved it. Spring Butterfly slowly flew away.

“Goodbye sweet butterfly,” said the kitten, watching her fly away. “I hope you will come back soon.”

“I will,” said Spring Butterfly. “You be a good little kitten and maybe we can play together.”

“I would love that,” said the kitten.

Spring Butterfly did return to see the kitten often. They always enjoyed playing games together.

“We are probably a misfit pair,” said Spring Butterfly. “However, I must say. I really enjoy our play time together.”

“I do too,” said the kitten.


Moral of this Story:

  • Sometimes misfits are the best match.
  • Example: The little kitten and Spring Butterfly were misfits but, they enjoyed their play time.

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