Black Butterfly

Spring Butterfly was enjoying an especially warm spring day. She was traveling from Edmundston, New Brunswick to the Atlantic Ocean. She often makes this trip because she loves to sip ocean water.

About an hour into her trip, Spring Butterfly felt a presence. It was an evil, ominous presence. She felt a chill through her wings.

“I know who is there,” thought Spring Butterfly to herself. “It is that evil butterfly, Black Butterfly. I am not going to let him bother me, though. I am going to ignore him.”

Spring Butterfly flew straight ahead. She didn’t dare look back. Soon, that evil, ominous feeling disappeared. Spring Butterfly felt elated and she felt proud of herself for not giving in to the evil temptations of Black Butterfly.

Black Butterfly was Spring Butterfly’s twin brother. He was always jealous of Spring Butterfly’s beauty. He had always tried to bully Spring Butterfly. Spring Butterfly had always given into him and let him bully her. She never stood up for herself.

Spring Butterfly was tired of the bullying and she wanted it to end. She was sure Black Butterfly would try something else but, she felt confident that she could stand up to him.


Moral of this Story:

  • Bullying is not nice.
  • Example: Black Butterfly always bullies his twin sister, Spring Butterfly, because he is jealous of her beauty.

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