Forest Fire

Cee Cee Cougar and Prickly Porcupine stood in the forest, listening to the other animals complaining about Canada Moose. They were complaining about how much noise he makes and how he breaks branches on the trees when he runs through the forest.

“You do know that Canada Moose doesn’t mean to be so noisy,” said Cee Cee.

“And he doesn’t mean to knock the branches off the trees,” said Prickly Porcupine.. “He is just so big.”

“Yes,” said the other animals. “But…”

“Fire!” the animals heard someone screaming. “Fire! Run for your lives!”

The animals all realized it was Canada Moose screaming. They also realized that because of his size, he could see over the top of the trees and was able to spot a forest fire miles away.

“Thank you!” the animals shouted, when Canada Moose was near them.

“There is no time for thank you’s right now,” said Canada Moose. “We have to get out of here, now! The fire is about a mile behind us so let’s all run ahead of it to safety.”

Canada Moose was a hero that day. He saved every single forest animal from the forest fire by getting them all to safety.

“We feel bad about what we said about you,” said the animals. “It is because of your massive size that you were able to see the fire before we did. You just saved our lives!”

The animals in the forest were so grateful to Canada Moose. They all had a whole new respect for him.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is not nice to talk about other people.
  • Example: The animals in the forest were complaining about Canada Moose but, he was able to spot a forest fire miles away and save their lives.

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