Cecilia is Kidnapped

“Rat Boy,” said Cecilia, his baby sister. “Can we play in the park today? It looks like a nice day outside.”

“I guess we could,” said Rat Boy, who had just finished cleaning up the kitchen for his mother. “Winter isn’t too far away. There won’t be too many more summer days left. We should enjoy the rest of summer while it is here.”

Rat Boy took Cecilia to the park. They were having fun playing with the other rat children but then, Rat Boy noticed Cecilia was missing.

“Oh dear!” exclaimed Rat Boy, suddenly feeling sick to his stomach. “Cecilia! Cecilia!”

Rat Boy scurried around the park, searching frantically for Cecilia. He asked every single creature he saw if they had seen her.

“No,” said Thomas Robin. “I have not seen your sister. I will let you know if I do though.”

Rat Boy got the same response from everyone. He was frantic.

“Cecilia!” he cried. “Where are you?”

Rat Boy saw his friend, Charlie, over by the parking lot. He seemed to be watching something. Rat Boy went over to see what was going on. He was horrified at what he saw.

There, lined up in the parking lot were cage after cage filled with rats. The cages were being loaded into a van. Rat Boy saw one cage that was separated from the rest. In it, he saw Cecilia with the familiar pink and white polka dotted dress that she had on that day.

“Cecilia!” Rat Boy was going to shout until Charlie put his hand over his mouth.

“Shh!” whispered Charlie. “Do you want to get caught too?”

Rat Boy realized that Charlie was trying to help free Cecilia too.

“I saw them take her,” said Charlie.

“Who are they?” asked Rat Boy.

“They are going to sell these rats to the university for research,” said Charlie.

“Oh no!” exclaimed Rat Boy, mortified.

“We won’t be able to save all the rats,” said Charlie. “However, the cage they have Cecilia in is where they are putting the babies. We will be able to save them.”

Rat Boy knew Charlie had a plan. He waited for Charlie to tell him what to do.

“I am going to run up the middle row of cages,” explained Charlie. “I will cause a distraction. I will knock over as many cages as I can, freeing as many rats as I can. Meanwhile, you are going to run around the outer edge of the cages and go straight to the cage that has Cecilia and the other babies in it.”

“Great plan,” said Rat Boy, knowing that this was his only chance to get Cecilia back.

Just before Charlie was going to give the order to get the plan into action, Thomas Robin and a whole flock of robins showed up. They heard about the cages and the van. They wanted to help.

“While I am knocking over cages to cause a distraction,” said Charlie. “You robins can go around and swarm the thieves. Are we ready?”

“Yes,” said Rat Boy and Thomas.

Charlie ran up the middle row of cages, knocking them over as he went. The robins swarmed around the heads of the thieves, pecking and scratching them. Rat Boy, meanwhile, ran as fast as he could to where Cecilia was.

“Rat Boy!” cried Cecilia, when she saw him. “I knew you would save me.”

Rat Boy gently rocked the cage back and forth and the cage door opened up. He got all of the babies out of the cage safely.

“I am so glad you are safe,” cried Rat Boy, hugging Cecilia tightly.

“Rat Boy!” Rat Boy heard, while he felt someone shaking him. “It is time to get up. I want to go to the park today.”

“Not on your life,” said Rat Boy, realizing that the kidnapping was just a dream.

“Why not!” exclaimed Cecilia.

“Just because,” said Rat Boy, not wanting to scare Cecilia by telling her about his dream. “We will go to the beach instead.”


Moral of this Story:

  • Always take care of family members.
  • Example: Rat Boy protected his sister, Cecilia, after he had a bad dream.

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