The Stick Family Game

“Will you look at all of the vehicles that have those ridiculous stick family stickers attached to their rear windows,” commented Mother as she drove around the parking lot of the mall, trying to find a place to park on a warm summer day.

“I think they are cute,” said her teenage daughter, Stacey.

“Are you serious?” asked Mother, glad that Stacey had her own opinion but on the other hand, disappointed that she didn’t share her opinion.

“Yes,” said Stacey. “I am serious.”

“Why do you like them?” asked Mother, finding a parking spot.

“Well,” said Stacey. “They kind of tell a story.”

“I never thought of it that way,” said Mother. “But, you are right though. Take a look at that one.”

Stacey looked to where Mother was pointing . She saw a very unique stick family sticker. The stick family consisted of a man wearing a black Metallica tshirt, the woman wearing a Nirvana tshirt and their two cats.

“I really like that one,” said Stacey. “It has some colour to it.”

“So,” said Mother. “What is the story behind that one?”

“Well,” said Stacey. “Because it is so unique, I would say it is handmade. That to me would mean that family is very creative.”

“Very good,” said Mother. “What else?”

“They love rock music and they love their cats,” said Stacey. “I don’t agree with their choice of music, Metallica and Nirvana but at least they aren’t listening to hip hop or rap music.”

“What is wrong with Metallica and Nirvana?” asked Mother. “What don’t you like about them?”

“They are just a bunch of guys that make a ton of noise,” said Stacey.

“Really,” said Mother. “I happen to love that so-called noise. Metallica and Nirvana are two of the best bands out there. They influenced a lot of today’s music.”

“I still like my country music,” said Stacey.

“You can like it all you want,” said Mother. “However, you should listen to other types of music.”

“You are a fine one to talk,” said Stacey. “I have never heard you listen to anything other than rock.”

“I used to like country music,” admitted Mother. “But that was a long time ago.”

“I never knew that,” said Stacey.

Mother and Stacey walked around the mall. Mother spotted a rack full of stick figure stickers.

“You know,” said Mother, looking through them. “Not only did that stick family on that car we just saw tell a story, it also got us talking.”

“True,” said Stacey. “We are usually pretty quiet when we go anywhere in the car.”

“I think we will turn this into a game,” said Mother, picking out a set of stick family stickers for their car.”

“I think that would be great,” said Stacey. “But, I thought you didn’t like stick family stickers?”

“I changed my mind,” said Mother.

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