End of Summer Picnic

“Do you believe summer is almost over?” asked Poor Mountain Mother, looking at the calendar. “It sure went by fast.”

“It sure did,” said Poor Mountain Father. “We need to do something with the children before they go back to school.”

“Yes,” said Poor Mountain Mother. “How about a picnic?”

“An end of summer picnic,” said Poor Mountain Father. “That would be fun. We can go to the lake and go swimming.”

“Swimming,” said Poor Mountain Sister, coming into the kitchen. “I want to go swimming.”

“Me too,” said Poor Mountain Brother.

“Okay,” said Poor Mountain Mother. “An end of summer picnic at the lake so we can go swimming. It is settled. That is what we will do.”

“When?” asked Poor Mountain Sister. “When are we going?”

“Tomorrow,” said Poor Mountain Father.

The Poor Mountain Family woke up early the next morning. Poor Mountain Father looked out the window and saw the clouds in the sky.

“Oh no!” exclaimed Poor Mountain Mother. “It has been warm and sunny every single day. The one day we plan something, the weather turns bad.”

“So far it is just cloudy,” said Poor Mountain Father. “We can still go.”

Poor Mountain Father no sooner got the words out of his mouth when it started to pour rain and thunder and lightning.

“I guess we will have to cancel our end of summer picnic,” said Poor Mountain Mother, disappointed.

“We will have our picnic regardless of the rain,” said Poor Mountain Father.

Around noon, Poor Mountain Father went upstairs and grabbed a blanket. He spread it out on the living room floor.

“We will have our picnic indoors,” said Poor Mountain Father.

“What about our swim?” asked Poor Mountain Mother.

“After our picnic,” said Poor Mountain Father. “We will go to the pool in town. We will go swimming there.”

“That will be perfect,” said Poor Mountain Mother.

The Poor Mountain Family enjoyed their indoor end of summer picnic. They also enjoyed their swim at the indoor pool.

“Now,” said Poor Mountain Father, as he drove home from the pool. “Who wants ice-cream?”

Poor Mountain Father took his family for an ice-cream cone. It was the perfect ending to a perfect summer day.


Moral of this Story:

  • There are ways to work around the weather.
  • Example: Poor Mountain Father was not going to let rain stop his plans for an end of summer picnic.

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