Angry Cat’s Sunny Spring Day

“Why does it have to rain all the time?” asked Angry Cat, angrily. “It is spring, but it has been a very rainy spring so far.”

“I don’t know why you are so angry,” said Angry Cat’s sister, Harriet. “You know we have no control over the weather and because we have no control over the weather, why even worry about it.”

“It is miserable and gloomy when it rains,” said Angry Cat. “I want to go outside and play.”

“I do too,” said Harriet. “However, you don’t see me getting so angry about it.”

“I would give anything to see the sun shining,” said Angry Cat.

“It is going to be sunny tomorrow,” said Harriet. “We will be able to play outside then.”

“I do hope you are right,” said Angry Cat. “But, for some reason I don’t think it is going to be.”

“You have to think positively,” said Harriet.

“I suppose,” said Angry Cat. “Thinking positive is hard to do though.”

“Yes,” said Harriet. “It can be difficult at first but once you get into the habit of it, it will be easier.”

“I will think positive about our dinner,” said Angry Cat. “It is time for us to eat.”

“Yes,” said Harriet, looking at her watch. “You are right about that.”

The next morning, Angry Cat looked outside and he saw that it was indeed a very sunny spring day.

“Harriet,” said Angry Cat, happily. “You were right. Today is a sunny spring day. How did you know that?”

“It was a lucky guess,” laughed Harriet.

“Are you kidding me?” asked Angry Cat, also laughing. “If that is the case, that was a very lucky guess.”

“Yes,” agreed Harriet. “It definitely was.”


Moral of this Story:

  • We shouldn’t worry ourselves so much over something we can’t control.
  • Example: Angry Cat was angry because it was raining out.

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