Jayden’s Spring Daisies

Spring had finally come in Eastern Ontario and Jayden couldn’t be happier. It had been a long cold winter. Jayden was enjoying the warm sunshine. She was outside tending to her garden.

“Oh look,” said Jayden to herself. “I see some daisies. They are so pretty. However, I don’t remember planting them.”

Jayden sat down on the wooden bench she had built last autumn for her garden and she thought about the daisies. The more she thought about them, the more she knew it wasn’t her that planted them.

“If I didn’t plant them,” thought Jen- Jen. “Then how did they get there?”

All of a sudden, Jayden saw a squirrel at the back of the garden. She watched as the squirrel dug some holes and she saw him drop some seeds into the holes and cover the holes back up.

“Well,” said Jayden. “I now know how the daisies were planted. I am not angry about it though. The daisies actually make a nice addition to my garden. Mother Nature sure does work wonders.”


Moral of this Story:

  • It is always nice to appreciate Mother Nature.
  • Example: Jayden loved the daisies that the squirrel planted in her garden.

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