Warm Day in May

Silly Snake slithered up out of his den. He was so happy to see the sun shining. He was so happy it was warm outside.

Silly Snake decided that he was going to go for a walk. He wanted to make the most of this warm day in May. He wanted to enjoy the sunshine just as long as he could.

Silly Snake walked along the side of the road. There were people walking their dogs. They were all on leashes so they didn’t bother Silly Snake at all. In fact, Silly Snake was happy to see that he wasn’t the only one enjoying the warm sunshine.

Silly Snake saw a flock of geese up in the air. They were honking noisily. Silly Snake noticed the geese were flying north. He was very happy to see that because it meant that the warm weather was here to stay.

Silly Snake walked by a pond. Wildflowers were now growing by the pond. Silly Snake was so pleased to see the wildflowers. A few days earlier, the pond had a thin coating of ice. The ice was now all gone and the pond was filled with the cleanest and the clearest water around. Silly Snake was very happy when he saw a fish jump out of the pond. He was glad the fish was enjoying the nice warm day.

Silly Snake kept walking. He walked past a robin. The robin was pulling a dew worm out of the grass. She seemed like she was enjoying herself in the nice warm weather. In the distance Silly Snake heard some baby birds chirping. He watched as the robin took the dew worm she just pulled out of the ground and take it to her babies. Silly Snake knew the babies were enjoying the nice warn day.

Silly Snake walked by the beach. He saw people jogging along the boardwalk in a t-shirt and shorts. He was glad that the joggers were enjoying the warm weather.

Silly Snake walked by an ice-cream parlour. He could not resist having a nice fresh strawberry ice-cream cone. He enjoyed his ice-cream very much. He was glad he was able to be outdoors enjoying the warm day in May.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to enjoy the warm sunshine of spring.
  • Example: Silly Snake enjoyed spending time in the warm spring sunshine.

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