Slow-Poke’s April Fool’s Day

“Slow-Poke,” said his friend, Freddy Goose. “We are going to be late.”

”Yes,” said Slow-Poke, putting his spring jacket on. “I know.”

”Well let’s go,” said Freddy.

Freddy and Slow-Poke walked down the roadway. Slow-Poke was always about ten or twenty steps behind Freddy. Freddy had to stop continually so Slow-Poke could catch up.

“I’m sorry we are late,” said Freddy to Mrs. Cluck, their teacher.

“Let me guess,” said Mrs. Cluck. “You had to wait for Slow-Poke.”

”Yes I did,” said Freddy.

“You are a very loyal friend to Slow-Poke,” said Mrs. Cluck.

“He’s my best friend,” said Freddy

”Hey Slow-Poke,” said Freddy, during their lunch recess. “I’ll trade you my chocolate pudding for your apple.”

Slow -Poke thought something was a little strange for Freddy to give away his chocolate pudding and especially for an apple. Nobody that Slow-Poke knew would give up chocolate pudding and then it hit him. Freddy was playing an April Fool’s joke on him. Slow-Poke decided he would play an April Fool’s joke on Freddy.

“Sure Freddy,” said Slow-Poke. “I’ll trade.”

“You will?” asked Freddy, totally not expecting Slow-Poke to accept his offer.

“Yes,” said Slow-Poke, handing Freddy his apple and taking the chocolate pudding.

Freddy watched as Slow-Poke took the lid off the pudding. He watched as Slow-poke started to put a spoon into the cup.

“Slow-Poke,” said Freddy before Slow-Poke had a chance to actually put the spoon in the pudding.

“Yes,” said Slow-Poke.

“April Fools,” said Freddy.

“Slow-Poke stuck the spoon in the pudding cup and he put the spoon up to his beak.

“Slow-Poke,” said Freddy. “Didn’t you hear me. I said April Fools.”

”I heard you,” laughed Slow-Poke.” April Fools to you.”

Slow-Poke gobbled up the pudding as fast as he could. Freddy almost had tears in his eyes as he watched his friend eat his chocolate pudding.

“April Fools,” said Slow-Poke reaching into his lunch bag. “Wait. Where is my chocolate pudding that my mother packed for me this morning?”

‘You just ate it,” cried Freddy.

I’m sorry,” said Slow-Poke, realizing that the one he just ate was his to start with and that Freddy had taken it to play an April Fools joke on him. “However, it does look like the April Fools joke is on you.”

“Yes,” said Freddy. “It does, doesn’t it.”


Moral of this Story:

  • It is okay to play harmless jokes on friends on April Fool’s Day.
  • Example: Slow-Poke knew Freddy was going to play an April Fool’s Day joke on him so, he beat him to it.

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