A Baby Spring

“Father,” said Springman, one spring morning, while he was in the garage. “Look what I found!”

Springman showed father a shiny spring that he had just found.

“Oh,” said Father. “Will you look at that? It reminds me of another spring I know.”

“Does it?” asked Springman. “Because I was wondering if this spring could be like me? Like, possibly my baby brother.”

Father took the spring into his hand and took a very close look at it.

“You know,” said Father. “It could be. Why don’t you take this spring into the house with you? There is no rust on it, so Mother won’t mind.”

Springman took the spring into the house and showed his mother.

“Father said this could be my baby brother,” said Springman.

Mother took a good look at the spring.

“Yes,” she said. “It could be.”

Mother and Springman made a little bed for the spring out of a basket and a small knitted blanket.

“My baby brother!” cried Springman the next morning, when he saw mother holding him.

“Yes,” said Mother. “This is your baby brother.”

Springman was thrilled. He wanted a baby brother so he could have someone to play with.

“Welcome to the world,” said Springman.

“He smiled at you,” said Father, taking a look at his new son. “I think we have a very happy family.”

“I do as well,” smiled Mother.


Moral of this Story:

  • A happy family is so important.
  • Example: Father and Mother feel they have a happy family now that Springman has a baby brother.

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