A Quiet Garden – A Tribute to Chris Cornell

“Has anyone seen Christopher Corn?” asked Mrs. Tomato. “I wanted to see if he wanted to practice our new song.”

“I haven’t seen him,” said Olive Onion. “But it is very quiet in Loud Garden today, eerily quiet.”

“Yes,” said Mrs. Tomato. “It has been much too quiet.”

Mrs. Tomato had a chill up her spine and that is when she remembered what day it was. She ran off to the edge of the garden and that is where she found Christopher Corn, all crumpled up and sobbing.

Mrs. Tomato wrapped her arms around him and comforted him.

“It has been two years now since I found myself here in Loud Garden,” cried Christopher.

“There was that bad storm that brought all of us Fresh Veggie’s alive,” said Mrs. Tomato.

“Yes, but two years since I ended my life back on Earth,” cried Christopher. “Two years ago my life ended as Chris Cornell. Two years since my wife, children, bandmates and fans started mourning me. What have I done?”

“I know you have regrets,” said Mrs. Tomato. “We all do. We have to continue on. We have to play our music as loud as we can here in Loud Garden.”

“Do you think someday the people on Earth will hear us?” asked Christopher.

“I think some people, those closest to you, have been listening to Loud Garden all along,” said Mrs. Tomato.

“Well then,” said Christopher Corn with a wry smile on his face. “They can’t hear us if the garden is quiet. Let’s get Loud Garden rockin’, as loud as ever!”

“That is the Christopher Corn I know,” said Mrs. Tomato. “Let’s rock it and rock it loud!”


Moral of this Story:

  • We all have regrets in our lives.
  • Example: Christopher Corn thinks about the day he found Loud Garden and the regrets of the life he left behind.

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