Spring, Springy, Springman

It was a beautiful spring day in Kenora, Ontario. Springman felt a springish breeze against his cheek.

“Oh, I just love spring,” said Springman with a springy tone to his voice.

Springman walked along with a springy step. He enjoyed watching the animals in the forest with a springable joy to them.

“This is the springiest I have felt in months,” said Springman. “I am so happy it is springtime.”

Springman thought about how he would feel if the world was springless. He also thought about the world being all springed out.

“That wouldn’t be a very good place to live,” thought Springman. “A world with no springs is a world I want no part of.”


Moral of this Story:

  • A world without spring would not be a very nice place to live.
  • Example: Springman loved spring and thought about a world without spring and realized it would not be a very nice world.

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