Desert Rains

The Desert Kid was outside cleaning up around his house when he heard footsteps coming up the walkway behind him.

“Hey Dusty,” said the Desert Kid to his elderly neighbour. “How are you today?”

“The rains are coming soon,” Dusty said, shaking Desert Kid’s hand.

“How do you know?” asked Desert Kid.

“The old bones can tell,” said Dusty.

“Well the desert needs the rain anyway,” said Desert Kid.

“It does indeed,” said Dusty, bending down and picking up a handful of dirt. “The desert is pretty dry as it is.”

A few weeks went by and Desert Kid saw Dusty in the village.

“Hey Dusty,” called Desert Kid.

“Hi there kiddo,” said Dusty, crossing the dirt covered street. “I guess I was wrong about those rains.”

No sooner did Dusty say that then it started to pour rain. Both Dusty and Desert Kid ran for cover in one of the shops.

“It isn’t stopping,” said Dusty, a few minutes later.

“No it doesn’t look that way,” said Desert Kid. “My jeep is just around the corner. Want a ride home?”

“Sure,” said Dusty.

“Wait here,” said Desert Kid. “I’ll go get the jeep and will be right back.”

Desert Kid was soaked right through from his quick walked to the jeep. He brought the jeep around to the front of the shop to pick up Dusty. Dusty also got soaked in the quick walk from the shop to the jeep.

“Come in and have a nice cup of tea,” said Dusty, when Desert Kid pulled up in his driveway.

“I really have to get back home,” said Desert Kid. “I’ve got a lot of work to do around the house.”

“Inside work or outside work?” asked Dusty.

“Outside work mostly,” said Desert Kid.

“Well then you got plenty of time for a cup of tea,” said Dusty. “These rains are going to last for a week at least.”

“How do you know that?” asked Desert Kid.

“They are the desert rains,” said Dusty.


Moral of this Story:

  • Even a desert needs rain.
  • Example: The desert was pretty dry. It needed rain.

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