Just Girlz Have a Surprise

“Crystal,” said Danny, her younger brother. “I’m going with you this summer.”

“Get real, Danny,” said Crystal . “Don’t you know the name of our band is Just Girlz?”

“Oh,” laughed Danny. “You thought I was going to sing with you. No, you don’t have to worry about that. I wouldn’t be caught dead singing in an all girls geek band like yours! Mom just told me that since you did so well on your grades, Dad is going to take the whole summer off and be your road manager. He’s going to rent a big bus for all your equipment and the three other geekie girls in your band.”

“Wow!” exclaimed Crystal . “I guess I’d better keep my grades up.”

“Yes,” said Danny. “You’d better. Dad is real proud of you.”

“Really!” exclaimed Crystal .

“Yes,” said Danny, shifting his eyes toward his feet. “I’m proud of you too!”

“You are!” exclaimed Crystal .

“Yeah,” said Danny. “I’ve got the lead singer for Just Girlz as my sister. What more could I want?”

“Get out,” said Crystal , gently pushing her brother.

Crystal grabbed her backpack and was on her way out the door, when she heard her Mom calling her.

“Hi honey,” said her Mom, standing in the kitchen doorway. “Are you off to practice again?”

“Yes Mom,” said Crystal , pointing to her backpack. “But homework first.”

“Good girl,” said Mom. “I hardly get to see you anymore. You have been so busy with homework and band practice.”

“I know,” said Crystal , kissing her Mom on the cheek. “But from what Danny just told me, we will be able to see each other lots this summer.”

“He told you!” exclaimed Mom. “I wanted it to be a surprise.”

“Well,” laughed Crystal . “We all know Danny. He’s not very good at keeping surprises.”

“No kidding,” said Mom.

“I’ve got to go now,” said Crystal . “I’m going over to Mollie’s.”

Crystal told Mollie, Suzie and Marie about what her Dad was going to do for them.

“That is wonderful,” said Mollie.

“It certainly is,” said Suzie.

“My Mom and Dad will be so grateful,” said Marie. “They were trying to take some time off work this summer to come with me, but they just can’t do it. They are going to try to come to as many of our concerts as they can.”

“Same as my parents,” said Mollie. “A whole two months off work is too much to ask.”

“Yes,” said Suzie. “It is. My parents ended up with being able to get three weeks off but that was really pushing it.”

“I know,” said Crystal . “But then my Dad owns his own company.”

“Ah,” said Marie. “So that’s how he was able to do it.”

“Anyway,” said Suzie. “No matter how he is able to do it, I’m just glad that he could do this for us.”

“Same here,” said Mollie and Marie together.

“This is going to be a great summer,” said Suzie.

“The best,” said Marie.

“Okay everyone,” said Mollie. “I hate to be the bearer of bad news but we have work to do. Crystal get your homework out.””

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