Spring Sunshine

Silly Snake poked his head of out of his den and couldn’t believe his eyes. Actually, he was blinded by the bright sun shining but he still couldn’t believe it. Silly Snake was so sick of winter and it finally looked like spring was here.

Silly Snake was so excited to see the sunshine that he darted out of his den as fast as he could. He stopped when he saw a big patch of sun shining on the ground. He laid in the sun and let the sunshine soak into his body. The warmth of the sun felt so good that he soon fell asleep.

Silly Snake woke up twitching his nose. He peered out of one eye and right on top of his nose he saw a bug! He could not believe it. The very first day of sunshine and there was a bug.

“You have a lot of nerve,” said Silly Snake to the bug.

“No,” said the bug. “I just wanted to enjoy the sunshine too.”

“Well there is no reason that you can’t enjoy it,” said Silly Snake. “But why did you pick my nose?”

“I actually didn’t even realize I was sitting on you at all,” said the bug. “You were sound asleep and you were as warm as the ground you were sleeping on so I didn’t really notice anything.”

“Okay,” said Silly Snake. “I’ll forgive you this time.”

The bug however didn’t move from Silly Snake’s nose. He sat right there and talked and talked and talked. Eventually Silly Snake could not stand it anymore. His nose was starting to itch. He flung the bug right into a pile of sand.

“Hey why did you do that?” asked the bug.

“I was starting to get an itchy nose,” said Silly Snake.

“Oh,” said the bug, crawling right up on top of Silly Snake’s head and sitting right down. “I won’t sit on your nose anymore.”

“And you won’t sit on me at all anymore,” said Silly Snake, flinging the bug into the sand again.

“Why did you do that?” asked the bug.

“Did you know it gets very annoying to have someone sitting on you?” asked Silly Snake.

“Yes,” said the bug. “I guess it would.”

Silly Snake had enough of the bugs foolishness and went back into his den. The next day he went to sit in the sun again and he was relieved the bug wasn’t there.


Moral of this Story:

  • Bugs can be very annoying.
  • Example: Silly Snake finds that the bug that landed on his nose is very annoying.
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