Environment Bug’s Earth Day

Environment Bug was in the park bright and early on the morning of Earth Day. He was cleaning up the park by picking up garbage and raking up leaves.

“What are you doing?” asked a little girl watching Environment Bug working hard.

“I’m cleaning up our park,” said Environment Bug. “Today is Earth Day.”

“What exactly is Earth Day?” asked the little girl.

“Earth Day is a day that we should become environmentally friendly and take some time to clean up our Earth,” said Environment Bug.

“I’d like to help,” said the little girl. “How can I help?”

“There are lots of things you can do to help,” said the Environment Bug. “You can plant trees, you can clean up, you can recycle goods, you can create a compost pile, there are many things that you can do to help.”

“I like the idea of creating a compost pile,” said the little girl.

“That is a very good idea,” said the Environment Bug. “You would need a grownup to help you out to build a compost bin but then all you do is put kitchen scraps into it and you can create some really good soil for a garden.”

“I can get my dad to help me,” said the little girl. “I’m going to create a compost pile.”

“Wonderful,” said the Environment Bug.

The little girl went on her way and the Environment Bug heard her speaking to her friends about how she was going to create a compost pile and how her friends were going to also do something to help out the environment.

The Environment Bug was very proud of the little girl and her friends. It just takes a little bit of effort to make a difference to help our planet Earth. If everyone pitched in and just did a little bit, our planet Earth would thank us big time.

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