Just Girlz on Tour

“Mollie,” said 13 year old Suzie, swinging her backpack back and forth beside her. “I’ve got good news. We’re in!”

“We are!” exclaimed Mollie, excitedly. “You mean we are going on tour this summer with your famous uncle, Billy Troll!”

“Yes,” screeched Suzie, happily. “We are!”

“But I thought you said Billy told you there was no way he would ever take us on the road with him because we were too young,” said Mollie.

“Well,” said Suzie. “He did say that but that was before his new wife, Dianne, showed him our video tape! He didn’t know it was me in the video. He told Dianne that he didn’t care how she found this videotape and that he wants Just Girlz to tour with him this summer.”

“That is so cool!” exclaimed Mollie. “Billy does know now that it is us, though, right.”

“Dianne is going to tell him,” said Suzie.

“We’ve got to tell Marie and Crystal,” said Mollie. “They are going to freak!”

“What about Crystal ?” asked Suzie, seriously.

“Yeah,” said Mollie. “If she doesn’t pull her grades up and soon, her Dad will never let her come with us.”

“We can’t lose Crystal ,” said Suzie. “She’s our lead singer!”

“I’ve got a great idea,” said Mollie. “Why don’t we take turns tutoring her?”

“That’s a great idea!” exclaimed Suzie. “If we each take turns with Crystal an hour before practice, that should help her immensely.”

“If we can drag Marie away from lover boy long enough,” said Mollie.

“Marie won’t have time for lover boy now,” said Suzie. “This next few months are going to be rigorous for all four of us.”

Marie is the oldest of the group being 16. Mollie is 15, Suzie 13 and Crystal is only 11.

Both Suzie and Mollie went to tell Marie and Crystal the good news. Marie seemed a little subdued, but Crystal was ecstatic.

“But wait,” said Crystal . “What about my grades? My Dad will never let me go with grades like I’ve got.”

“We are going to help you,” said Suzie. “Don’t worry, we’ve got it all worked out.”

“You girls are the best,” said Crystal .

“That’s what friends are for,” said Mollie.

“So,” said Marie. “How long will we be away for?”

“Oh Marie,” said Suzie. “I’m sure lover boy will wait for you.”

“That’s not why I was asking!” snapped Marie, angrily. “I wanted to know because I’m having me knee operated on next week.”

“I’m sorry,” said Suzie. “That was completely out of line.”

“That’s okay,” said Marie. “I forgive you.”

“Anyway,” said Suzie. “We will be gone for most of the summer.”

“Now what will happen,” said Marie. “I’m going to be in a cast for about six weeks after the operation.”

“That puts you getting your cast off about a week before we leave,” said Suzie, figuring out the dates in her head.”

“Well,” said Marie, relieved. “That should work out just fine, then.”

“So,” said Crystal . “What’s everybody say we go over to my place and start to jam.”

“Homework first,” said Mollie, smiling at Suzie.

“Oh alright,” said Crystal.

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