Just Girlz is Formed

“Hey Mollie,” said 13 year old Suzie. “Wait up!”

Mollie was in a hurry. She was on her way to her guitar lessons and she didn’t want to be late. She was really learning a lot and was enjoying herself very much.

“I haven’t got much time,” said Mollie.

“I’m sorry,” said Suzie, catching up to her friend and noticing her guitar case on her back. “I didn’t know you played guitar.”

“Yes I do” said Mollie. “I enjoy it very much. I want to be a rock star someday.”

“Yes I do too,” said Suzie. “Just like my Uncle Billy.”

“Who?” asked Mollie.

“My uncle,” said Suzie. “Billy Troll!”

“Billy Troll is your uncle,” said Mollie, with a dreamy look in her eyes. “He’s the best!”

“You know,” said Suzie. “We should start up a band.”

“What a great idea!” exclaimed Mollie. “You must have a wonderful voice, seeing as you are related to Billy Troll.”

“Actually,” said Suzie. “I don’t sing but I do play a mean set of drums.”

“I know this girl,” said Mollie. “Her name is Crystal . She is only 11 years old but she is good.”

“I know this other girl that plays the violin really good,” said Suzie. “She is a little older than us and is in high school.”

“That’s okay,” said Mollie. “The band will be just girls.”

“Just Girlz,” said Suzie, excitedly. “What an awesome name!”

“Yes,” said Mollie, equally excited. “It really sounds great!”

“It’s got a catchy ring to it,” said Suzie. “Listen, why don’t you come over to my place tomorrow night. Bring that singer over with you and I’ll talk to Marie.”

“Okay,” said Mollie, looking at her watch. “I’ve got to run. I’m late for my guitar lesson.”

“Sorry,” said Suzie, waving good bye to Mollie.

The next night, Mollie and Crystal went to Suzie’s house. Mollie had her guitar with her. Suzie had a full music studio in her basement.

“Wow!” exclaimed Mollie. “This is great!”

“No kidding,” said Crystal , grabbing a microphone.

Crystal started singing her favourite song, Blue Moon.

“That was beautiful,” said Suzie, after the first verse. “Your voice! There are no words to describe it!”

“Thank you,” said Crystal .

“Oh my!” exclaimed Suzie’s father, who just had to come see the face behind that wonderful voice he had just heard. “You have a voice of an angel.”

“Oh hi Daddy,” said Suzie. “This is Crystal . Isn’t she a wonderful singer.”

“Beautiful,” said Suzie’s Dad. “Just beautiful. And, who are the other two angels?”

“Daddy,” said Suzie. “This is Mollie. She plays the guitar and that is Marie. She plays the violin.”

“You girls got a whole band down here,” said Suzie’s Dad.

“That’s the whole idea,” laughed Suzie.

“Yes,” said Mollie, picking up her guitar. “Welcome to Just Girlz!”

“Just Girlz,” sang Crystal , while Marie took out her violin and Suzie started playing the drums. “We won’t tell ya we’re cool, we won’t tell you we’re hip cause we’re just gonna show ya, we’re Just Girlz!”

“That was great!” exclaimed Suzie’s Dad, clapping. “I should get your Mother to talk with your Uncle Billy. I hear he’s looking for a band to open for him this summer.”

“Leave that up to me,” said Suzie. “I think I’ll talk to his wife, Dianne instead.”

“That’s probably wise,” said Suzie’s Dad.

Suzie had talked to her Uncle Billy once before about getting into the music business.

“Suzie,” Billy had said. “The best thing you can do is stay in school and forget the music scene. It’s a tough industry to get into.”

“I think I will send Aunt Dianne a demo tape of us,” said Suzie.

“Great idea,” said Mollie.

“Okay,” said Suzie. “Tomorrow night we’re going to record our first demo tape.”

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