Spring Cleaning

The favourite time of year for most farm animals is spring. Spring is a time for the sun to start getting warmer. It is a time for the warm spring rains. It is the time of year for the grass to turn green, for the flowers to start blooming and the leaves to start coming out on the trees.

“Smell that fresh spring air,” said Mrs. Duck, standing just outside of the barn. “It looks to me like spring is finally here.”

“Yes,” said Slow-Poke to his mother. “It is definitely spring.”

Mrs. Duck grabbed the broom and dustpan and headed back inside.

“Come on,” said was Mrs. Duck. “We are lots of work to be done.”

“What kind of work?” asked Slow-Poke, confused.

“Spring cleaning,” said Mrs. Duck.

“Okay,” said slow-Poke. “I am really confused.”

“Why?” asked Mrs. Duck.

“Well,” said Slow-Poke. “Spring is finally here. It is nice and warm outside and you even said the air was fresh.”

“Yes, “said Mrs. Duck. “So why are you so confused?”

“Well, if it is so nice outside then why do you want to spend the day inside cleaning?” asked Slow-Poke.

“Good point,” said Mrs. Duck. “But we are still going to clean.”


Moral of this Story:

  • It is important to do your spring cleaning.
  • Example: Mrs. Duck wanted Slow-Poke to help her with some spring cleaning.
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